5 Oct. 10-14

Lesson Plan:      OBJECTIVES AT A GLANCE Grade: 5th
Name: Present Low Ti, Patriotism Week & Year 10/11-15/10
        CD? Book? Prop? (Student will sing, play,improvise, read, write or create) (Prep Present Prac or Assess which concept or skill?   Different classes
Entry Song &Vocal Greeting                        
(containing melodic or
rhythmic elements being
studied or soon will be)
  Scale patterns (no ti)     Students sing different patterns including fa, low la, and low so.  Students sing high do but no ti's. vocal exploration 1A 6A          
Warm-up & Song Bouquet                        
(Known song(s) setting up this lesson or upcoming concepts   Rhythm cards   cards 70-82 Students chan these rhythms and review the dotted notes as well as 3/4 time signature. rhythm 1D          
    The Star-Spangled Banner TE p. 488 CD 21-17 Students discuss this song and sing it together. Patriotism 1ACD 2A 4A 6A          
Familiar Song                    
(Calling attention to previous lesson   America TE p. 486 CD 21-15 Students look at the notation of this song and discuss dotted quarter notes and half notes.  Students review low ti. Practice low ti 1ACD 2A 6A          
High Concentration                        
Derive something or heavy practice   Battle Hymn of the Republic  TE p. 274  CD 12-32 Students look at the notation of this song and discuss the dotted eighth note followed by the 16th note. Present tim-ka 1ACD 2A 6A          
(game, movement, or listening)   Battle Hymn of the Republic TE p. 274 CD 12-32 Students listen to the song and discuss the harmony created by the descant on page 275.   Columbus Day 1ACD 2A 6A          
Moderate concentration                        
(New song or practice new skill or assess familiar   Battle Hymn of the Republic TE p. 274 CD 12-32 Some students learn the descant while everyone else learns the chorus and the students sing this song together. Columbus Day 1ACD 2A 6A          
Closing Activity                        
(Listening or active,but POSITIVE!   American Salute TE p. 274 CD 12-35 Students listen to this American song and discuss Columbus Day. Columbus Day 1ACD 2A 6A          
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