3 Oct. 3-7

Lesson Plan:      OBJECTIVES AT A GLANCE Grade: 3rd
Name: Practice ti-tika Week & Year 10/4-8/10
        CD? Book? Prop? (Student will sing, play,improvise, read, write or create) (Prep Present Prac or Assess which concept or skill?   Different classes
Entry Song &Vocal Greeting                        
(containing melodic or
rhythmic elements being
studied or soon will be)
  Rhythm   Rhythm cards 9-20, 41-51 Students chant these rhythms and review the names of the notes in them.   ta, titi, tikatika  1CD          
Warm-up & Song Bouquet                        
(Known song(s) setting up this lesson or upcoming concepts   Simple Gifts Core Notebook   Students sing this entire song together. Core Knowledge            
    Turn the Glasses Over TE p. 204 CD 7-12 Students sing this song and review half note. Practice 4/4 meter and half note 1A 6A          
    Li'l Liza Jane TE p.140 CD 5-6 Students sing this song together. Core Knowledge 1CD 6A          
Familiar Song                    
(Calling attention to previous lesson   How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck TE p. 120 CD 4-27 Students chant part III of this song together to review the new rhythm.  Students perform the song together in three different groups. Practice ti-tika 1ACD          
High Concentration                        
Derive something or heavy practice   La pulga de San Jose TE p. 40 CD 2-7 Students look at the notation of this song and discuss everything that they are familiar with.  Students chant the rhythms in this song and then learn the refrain. Practice ti-tika 1ACD 6A          
(game, movement, or listening)   Latin American Rhythm   guiro, claves, other rhythm instruments Students play the two ostinato rhythms with these instruments while some of the students sing.  Students switch so that everyone gets a turn. Rhythmic accompaniment 1ABC 3B 4B 5B 6A            
Moderate concentration                        
(New song or practice new skill or assess familiar   Ida Red TE p. 30 CD 1-48 Students echo the teacher as she chants the rhythm from the first two measures.  Students then echo the teacher with the solfa in this song.  Students sing the song in solfa and then learn the words. ti-tika, pentatonic 1ACD          
Closing Activity                        
(Listening or active,but POSITIVE!   Ida Red TE p. 30 CD 1-48 Students sing this song together before they leave. Pentatonic, ti tika 1A          
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