2 Music 19-23

Lesson Plan:      OBJECTIVES AT A GLANCE Grade: 2nd
Name: Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Fall, mi-so-la, Carnival of the Animals Week & Year 9/19-9/23
        CD? Book? Prop? (Student will sing, play,improvise, read, write or create) (Prep Present Prac or Assess which concept or skill?   Different classes
Entry Song &Vocal Greeting                        
(containing melodic or
rhythmic elements being
studied or soon will be)
A Hello Song Sing Sing…Say Say   Studnets sing this song with the teacher and add in the different ways to say Hello. Vocal Exploration 1A  6A          
Warm-up & Song Bouquet                        
(Known song(s) setting up this lesson or upcoming concepts A Snail Snail     Students sing this song in solfa to review so, la, mi and then wind up like a snail.   Practice so, la, mi            
    El Juego Chirimbolo TE p. 54 CD 2-27 Students sing this song to review repeat sign and play the game that goes with it. Practice repeat sign            
Familiar Song                    
(Calling attention to previous lesson A Vivaldi's Four Seasons     Students listen to Fall from Vivaldi's work.  Students review the families of the orchestra. Core Knowledge 2A, 4A, 5BC, 7A          
High Concentration                        
  A Snail Snail     Students sing this song again and then notate it on the board.  Teacher puts a repeat song on the end and asks what happens.  Students talk about this song having AB form.              
  A Naughty Kitty Cat SS…SS   Students notate this song and the teacher writes it on the board.  Teacher asks if there is another way to notate it and they add a repeat sign.  Students talk about this song being AABA. Practice Form and Repeat Sign 1CD 4B 5A          
(game, movement, or listening)   Carnival of the Animals: "The Swan" and "Elephants"   Saint-Saëns: Carnival Of The Animals; Prokofiev: Peter & The Wolf; Britten: Young Person's Guide To The Orchestra Students listen to these songs and try to guess which animal they are about.  Students talk about the cello and string bass. Core Knowledge  2A 4A 5BC 7A           
Moderate concentration                        
(New song or practice new skill or assess familiar A Lucy Locket TE p. 27 or SS…SS CD 1-32 Students sing this song and play the game that goes with it. Practice So, mi, La 1A          
Closing Activity                        
(Listening or active,but POSITIVE!   Review                    
Next week:                        
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