School Supplies

School Supplies K-6

pencil border
Kindergarten & First Grade                          Third Grade
Colored crayons                                           Colored crayons (24 count)
     (regular size in diameter, 16 colors)                       Pencils, soft lead, No. 2
    Pencils, soft lead, No. 2                                 Small scissors, sharp point 
    Small scissors, blunt                                     Notebook
    4 oz. bottle of white glue                               8 oz. bottle of white glue
    School box (cigar box size)                            Foot ruler
    Facial tissues (large box)                                 (quarter-inch and metric markings)
                                                                       Facial tissue
                                                                       School box
Second Grade                                                 No Trapper Keepers
    Colored crayons                                            No Mechanical (lead) pencils
     (regular size in diameter, 16 colors)                        No Spiral notebooks
    Pencils, soft lead No. 2
    Small scissors, sharp point                           Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grades
    4 oz. bottle of white glue
                                  Colored crayons      
    Notebook paper (wide rule)                              Scissors, sharp point
    Foot ruler (quarter-inch and metric markings)             Notebook paper (wide rule)
    School box (cigar box size)                               Foot ruler 
    Facial tissues (large box)                                   (quarter-inch and metric markings)
                                                                          Facial tissues (large box)
                                                                          Map pencils (colored pencils)
                                                                          4 oz. bottle of white glue
         ***Additional supplies may be requested by the teacher.

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