K. Music Sept 6-9th

Lesson Plan:      OBJECTIVES AT A GLANCE Grade: K
Name: Practice Voice Choice, Present Loud/Soft Week & Year 9/7-10/10
        CD? Book? Prop? (Student will sing, play,improvise, read, write or create) (Prep Present Prac or Assess which concept or skill?   Different classes
Entry Song &Vocal Greeting                        
(containing melodic or
rhythmic elements being
studied or soon will be)
A Hello Song Sing Sing…Say Say   Students listent to the teacher sing this song to them.  Teacher then teaches them the song. Practice singing voice 1A 5B  6A          
Warm-up & Song Bouquet                        
(Known song(s) setting up this lesson or upcoming concepts A Teddy Bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy                
  A 12345 Sing Sing…Say Say   Students sing these songs and review singing voice and talking voice, Practice sing/talk 1A 5B          
  A Chucu                    
Familiar Song                    
(Calling attention to previous lesson   Engine, Engine # 9 Sing Sing…Say Say   Students chant this chant again with big voice, small voice, loud voice, and quiet voice. Practice voice choice 1AC 5B          
High Concentration                        
Derive something or heavy practice A Teddy Bear Sing Sing…Say Say   Students sing the second verse of this song while rocking Teddy.  Teacher asks the students what kind of song you sing to a baby and they discuss lullabies and how you sing them. Present Loud vs. Soft            
  D Hush Little Baby CK Notebook Teacher sings this song to the students as they pretend to rock a baby or teddy in their laps. Core Knowledge 2A          
(game, movement, or listening) A Jingleheimer Schmidt CK Notebook   Students dance to this song.  Students tiptoe when the song is soft and dance big when the song is loud. Core Knowledge 2A 3A          
Moderate concentration                        
(New song or practice new skill or assess familiar A Hot Cross Buns     Students sing this song and pretend to be baking quietly in the kitchen.  Students then pretend to be selling them loudly out in the street. practice loud/soft 1A          
Closing Activity                        
(Listening or active,but POSITIVE! A any song   loud/soft cards Students sing the songs they already know with the dynamic that matches the card the teacher is holding up. practice loud/soft 1A          
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