1st Music Sept 6-9

Lesson Plan:      OBJECTIVES AT A GLANCE Grade: 1st
Name: Practice dynamics and tempo, review beat  Week & Year 8/30-9/3/10
        CD? Book? Prop? (Student will sing, play,improvise, read, write or create) (Prep Present Prac or Assess which concept or skill?   Different classes
Entry Song &Vocal Greeting                        
(containing melodic or
rhythmic elements being
studied or soon will be)
A Hello Song Sing Sing…Say Say   Students sing this song with the teacher.  Teacher asks if students remember the different ways to say hello and add them in. Vocal Exploration 1A  6A          
Warm-up & Song Bouquet                        
(Known song(s) setting up this lesson or upcoming concepts   Engine Engine #9 Sing Sing…Say Say   Students use their arms as the Engine wheels and speak Engine Engine with their teacher.  Students review the different voice for the train (low/high, soft/loud, fast/slow). Review voice choice, tempo, and dynamics 5B          
  F Make New Friends A Joyful Noise   Students sing this song with their teacher. Core Knowledge 1A          
Familiar Song                    
(Calling attention to previous lesson A Hot Cross Buns     Students sing this song from last year soft and then again loud. dynamics 1A          
High Concentration                        
Derive something or heavy practice A Johnny Works One Hammer   Students sing this song with the motions and then sings it as the teacher taps hearts on the board.            
    Keeping Beat Sing Sing…Say Say   Students take turns tapping the beat on the board to any of the familiar songs of their choice. beat 1ACD          
(game, movement, or listening) A Bate Bate Sing Sing…Say Say   Students play this game as they sing the song. practice beat, prepare strong/weak beat 3B          
Moderate concentration                        
(New song or practice new skill or assess familiar F She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain Core Notebook Rhythm Sticks Students tap the beat with the rhythm sticks as the teacher sings this song.  Students say the Toot! Toot! And other parts for the other voices. Core Knowledge 1ABC 3B 6A          
Closing Activity                        
(Listening or active,but POSITIVE!   Beat Cards     Students sing the songs with the cards that have the hearts to show the beat and the objects to show the rhythm.  Students discuss beat and rhythm.   1CD          
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